"Dr. DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan is a modern day Rumi, he is Maui's Poet Laureate/Voice of Nature."
~ New York Times BSA Dr. H. Bloomfield

“Dr. DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan is the very epitome of the essence and meaning of yoga!”
~ Tao Porchon-Lynch

Introduction to Punk Science

"If you gazed up at the night sky from Jupiter, Saturn or any other place in our solar system, you’d see many celestial bodies—including one called Planet Earth. The inhabitants of this heavenly body are heavenly beings—who are waiting for a poet to remind them of this. enter Dr. DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan…

The calcium in your bones, the iron in your blood, the oxygen in your lungs—every element in your body, except the hydrogen—was originally created in the cosmic furnaces that we call stars. (the hydrogen was created with the Big Bang, and nobody knows where that came from.) This means that you are ON the earth—but you are not OF the earth. Where is the poet who can celebrate the re-discovery of this ancient sacred truth? Enter Dr. Dreaming BearBaraka Kanaan…

Huge cracks are appearing in the asphalt of assumptions that enabled the Western world to create techno-dazzle and environmental destruction. The cracks began appearing in the 1920’s when quantum physics was accidentally discovered. as the cracks are widening and spreading now, all sorts of structures from bee colonies to national economies are collapsing. Pushing up through the cracks is Mother Nature’s primal, pulsing, quantum-magical power. But where is the poet who can celebrate this? Enter Dr. DreamingBear Baraka Kanaan…"

~Harriet Witt~ Maui’s Astronomer and Naturalist
primalscience.com, passengerplanet.com

*Unity ÷ Divided by 8 Infinity x Multiplied by the (Singularity of You and Me) – Minus the illusion of Time's Forward Progress, Plus + √Z the square root of the rest of existence is equal to = Love phi ratio.



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