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Literacy to End Poverty with NY Times best selling author of
“Chicken Soup for the Soul” Marc Victor Hansen

 “Dr. DreamingBear is the best conscious poet on the planet, his love spells magically open the heart!” ~ Mark Victor Hansen

 “Thank you for appearing at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore to discuss and sign your book Wild Love: Kissed Into Consciousness. You gave a spectacular presentation! In my 14 years at the Bodhi Tree, your event was truly a standout. Thank you for your grace and sincerity, the inspiration, the joyful laughter and the soulful truths. You energized the hearts and minds of everyone present.”~ Jo Carey, Events Coordinator, Bodhi Tree Bookstore, West Hollywood, CA

 “Dr. DreamingBear is the Heart’s Poet Laureate. When you feast at his evocative cornucopia your soul will be nourished by deep wisdom & enlightenment. Dr. DreamingBear channels love’s true genius & is the reincarnation of Kahlil Gibran. I believe he deserves a large global audience.” ~Harold Bloomfield, M.D., author of nineteen books including the New York Times best-seller “How to Survive the Loss of a Love”

“When I had a chance to invite Dr. DreamingBear to speak at Unity of Kauai, I was delighted at the surprise I was going to deliver to my congregation. The surprise was mine, though, when my membership asked for several encores and then proceeded to follow him to the rest of his engagements on Kauai. In my 3 years here, I have never seen such a reaction.”~ Rev. Jasmine Schaeffer, Minister, Unity of Kauai

“Dr. DreamingBear is the Shakespeare of Quantum Physics, cleverly articulating new science of the heart transmissions that unite universal mysteries with common human understandings.” ~Harriet Witt, Astronomer

Don Miguel Ruiz of The Four Agreements

“Dr. DreamingBear is one in seven billion. His spoken word expressions are truly divine and have the power to inspire the planet to its greatest potential.” ~ Meenakshi Angel Honig, Integral Yoga Instructor, The Grand Wailea Resort and Spa, and creator of “Yoga Feels Good”, an internationally acclaimed instructional yoga DVD

“The first time I heard Dr. DreamingBear’s voice on the radio, I was mesmerized by his poetry about stars and galaxies. His thoughtful and wise words took me on a spiritual journey through the Milky Way, and as an astronomer, I was ignited by his poems. So I invited Dreaming Bear to be a guest speaker for the Maui Astronomy Club. What an incredible night! Everyone had a fantastic experience. Dreaming Bear’s poetry and life stories were so moving and passionate. It was as if he were an ambassador to the stars— interpreting their messages and converting their light into magical spells. The Maui Astronomy Club cannot wait to have Dreaming Bear join us again.” ~ Becky Sydney, President, Maui Astronomy Club

“Dr. DreamingBear ’s inspiring life story is one in a million, his response to it even more rare, and his loving heart one of the great treasures that life has bestowed upon me. I would encourage anyone who finds themselves at this spot, on his website, for whatever reason they got there, to make sure that you don’t miss the opportunity to listen to him, watch and feel him as he flows his poetry.”~ Grace Purusha, Master Health Coach, author of “The Five Essential Laws of Eating”

“As Dr. DreamingBear began casting a playful spell of love in evolution, I found myself cradled in a place of the heart where quantum physics meets unconditional love. What happened was a cracking open of awareness to ”being” – in this moment – in authentic commune-ication with life, in commune–ity with each and every as my source.” ~ Alan Tower, world musician, Green Music Network Director

“Dr. DreamingBear was an absolute delight at Unity in Redding. He gave the Sunday message & meditation & folks were hungry for more – we had a great turnout for his Lovevolution Workshop. Congregants are still talking about what they learned from Dr. DreamingBear. His message of love and his commitment to peace and joy no matter the circumstances reached their hearts. His Native American & Palestinian heritage plus his life experiences give him a most authentic ground to challenge people to release any limitations and move into living from love. And, last but not least, his superb gift of artistry with words blessed us all. We are looking forward to his return.” ~ Rev. Sandra Soley Keep, Unity in Redding, Redding, CA