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Lovers Bible is an ode to being a lover as a way of life, seeking the beloved in everything, and having the audacity to make out with existence every chance you get so as to give the multiverse cosmic goose bumps! Part guide to being a lover and part poetic prophecy, this volume is potency incarnate. Infused with the mana of the Hawaiian Islands, these passages reflect the spiritual connection to the aina (life force) of this new Eden oasis. 

Inspired by and written amongst Hawaiian fairy forests and enchanted tropical dreams, Lovers Bible merges in the center, with half being day and half being night, a metaphor for the lover and beloved playing the eternal game of hide and seek kiss-tag. 

Sacred and profane eroticism decorate the pages, and tenderly offered inamorato philosophy flowers in the fodder of this seductive verse. It’s not for the faint of heart, and sacred sensual scriptures emerge from this incantation of passion and playfulness, beckoning the initiate to awaken to the power inherent within, declaring, “For God so loved the world that she formed creation with a kiss.” 

Beyond religions, belief systems, or concepts of any kind, there is the deepest truth of being human, which is tenderness with an edge. Lovers Bible is a manuscript for those who find more holiness in a single sweet embrace than in all the shrines and semantics of the world. The lovers’ path, the beauty way, is embedded in nature. Hidden in every leaf, rock, river, and creature is a kiss from Creation, saying, “Come play!”



Transluminal Flux is the moment where Infinity folds back in upon It-self as the observer is disengaged, and the seed of singularity once again blooms into endless petals of potential. Consciousness connects to Original Thought with the sum total experience of every aspect in all forms of space, time, dimension, and the as yet inconceivable quintessence that is the very Source of existence in it’s countless incarnations. The flux is the meeting at a crossroads of the hyperspace hologram, in absolute recognition & acceptance of all that IS, in the endless caravan of sunsets & sunrises that unfold into the never ending Now!

This double CD box set is a companion to the book Naked Singularity on-line and contains an all original soundtrack of exotic world fusion music and performed versions of the songlines contained in the companion book Naked Singularity. All narrative vocals written, produced, and recorded by Dr. DreamingBear. Music produced, accompanied, and recorded by Mateaus Kotok who played guitar, bass, percussion, and sang back-up vocals. Hang melody composed and performed by Dr. DreamingBear. Guest female vocalists Phoenix and Shea Derrick. Don Lax on viola and violin. Jitendra Russell on sitara. Eli Abrams on bass. John McClean on ude. Raphel Bejarano and Dr. DreamingBear on the hauca. 

KISSED INTO CONSCIOUSNESS is a special limited addition feature length CD of Dreaming Bear delivering his illuminated spoken word as well as sharing two tender discourses from his beautiful heart. Eighteen conscious expanding renderings have been recorded live at several of the most sacred and beautiful sites he has discovered in Maui.

Order autographed CD directly from Dr. DreamingBear for a $20 donation to Lovevolution Foundation

“In general relativity, a naked singularity is a gravitational singularity, without an event horizon. In a black hole, there is a region around the singularity, the event horizon, where the gravitational force of the singularity is strong enough so that light cannot escape. Hence, the singularity cannot be directly observed. A naked singularity, by contrast, is observable from the outside. “

Naked Singularity is an interdisciplinary scientific-poetic book examining many aspects of consciousness as it relates to nature and the limit-edge zones of human understandings of the multiverse. New paradigm language, and dreamtime concepts merge into an organic exploration of the inherent genius within each of us. Naked Singularity offers insights on how to access our true power to serve the planet at large for the greater good. Topics discussed range from quantum physics, to sustainability, to lucid dreaming, to social justice, to the harnessing of consciousness as a natural resource, and much more.

This fictional work represents Dr. DreamingBear’s exploration of the literary styles of Jack Kerouac, and other beat era authors whose modern spontaneous prose, and candid purpose driven writings spawned a new world of radical thinking. These stories are loosely based up actual events but in no way represent the author’s private world, and are instead commentary on the moments in life that happen in between heartbeats and breaths, it is a pregnant poetic prose, clearly and passionately articualted. Rated R for strong adult content.